Abou Shanab Trading Limited

Abou Shanab family started its work since 1950. Over years of working Abou Shanab extend its work by the second generation by Mr. Mohamed Abou Shanab who established Abou Shanab Trading limited since 1974.
In Our response to the change taking place all around us is the global fitness program, change means risk, but also opportunity. Shaping change to anticipate risk and take advantage of opportunities is what defines successful business strategy.
Mohamed Abou Shanab Establishment Company is a pioneering private company that was founded in Egypt. The company has an acknowledged reputation as a leading company “selling & buying” as per international laws, agreements and business conventions. Couple to over 38 years of experience in the business, we have the mission of assessing and monitoring our business activities as per criteria set. Our years of experience in the field have magnetized more clients within the local and international markets alike.
As per our mission and our criteria, we therefore, have a unique distinguished stance within the Egyptian markets. We maintain a dual relation of professional reliable services with our clients; let it be small firms, individuals or trading tycoons. The company deals directly and in person with business counterparts. The main activities of the company include:
• International trade
• Marketing
• Import & export agencies
• Overseas business
• Sheet metal forming machineries
• Textile – Yarn
• Chemicals
• Raw petroleum cooke
Our company aims to anchor its mission into the field of business targeting consistent deals for setting solid ground of business oriented commodities. Our experience in the field of business has cultivated a good understanding and an urge of fulfilling goals with our worldwide counterparts as per work requirements.

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